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Blackbird docs

Setting up a Blackbird project from scratch

Use your favorite IDE to create a .NET class library to start your project. Then, install our SDK using NuGet. You can find a link to our SDK here or search ‘Blackbird’ in the NuGet package manager. This guide shows you the steps in Visual Studio 2022 for Windows.


  • Install Visual Studio 2022 for Windows with the .NET desktop development workload. You can download and install the 2022 Community edition for free, or use the Professional or Enterprise edition.

Create a project

  1. In Visual Studio, select File > New > Project.
  2. In the Create a new project window, enter Class Library in the search box and select C# and in the dropdown lists. In the resulting list of project templates, select Class Library and then select Next.
  3. In the Configure your new project window, update the Project name and the Solution name, and then select Next.
  4. Select .NET 6.0 (or the latest version) for Framework in the Additional information window, then select Create.

Visual Studio creates the project, and it appears in the Solution Explorer.

Adding the SDK

Depending on your project format, the installation of a NuGet package records the dependency in either your project file or a packages.config file. For more information, see Package consumption workflow.

NuGet Package Manager

To use the NuGet Package Manager to install the Blackbird.Applications.Sdk.Common package in Visual Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Select Project > Manage NuGet Packages.
  2. On the NuGet Package Manager page, choose as the Package source.
  3. From the Browse tab, search for Blackbird.Applications.Sdk.Common, select Blackbird.Applications.Sdk.Common in the list, and then select Install.
  4. When you are prompted to verify the installation, select OK.