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Blackbird docs

GlobalLink Now

GlobalLink NOW is an ad-hoc Neural Machine Translation solution that leverages AI technology to securely deliver high-quality content on demand.

Before setting up

Before you can connect you need to make sure that:

  • You have a GlobalLink NOW instance.
  • You have HOST and Api key data for your GlobalLink NOW instance.


  1. Navigate to apps and search for GlobalLink NOW. If you cannot find GlobalLink NOW then click Add App in the top right corner, select GlobalLink NOW and add the app to your Blackbird environment.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. Name your connection for future reference e.g. ‘My connection’.
  4. Fill in the Host of your GlobalLink NOW instance.
  5. Fill in the Api key to your GlobalLink NOW instance..
  6. Click Connect.

Adding a connection


  • Translate Translate text
  • Translate Document Translate a file. Input:
    • File
    • Target Language
    • Source Language (optional)
    • Domain (optional)
    • Engine ID (optional)
    • OCR (optional)


The bird in the image below portrays a workflow in which content is extracted from a Wordpress page in HTML format, as well as all the locales that do not have a translation for this specific page. Then we iterate through the locales, translate the HTML file into each locale using GlobalLink NOW and create the translation pages in Wordpress from the translated HTML files.

Wordpress + GlobalLink NOW


Do you want to use this app or do you have feedback on our implementation? Reach out to us using the established channels or create an issue.