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Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to streamline sales processes and improve productivity for sales teams. It offers a range of features including task automation, customizable pipelines, contact management, and real-time insights through dashboards.



  • List activities List all activities
  • List user activities List all activities assigned to a particular user
  • Get activity Get details of a specific activity
  • Create activity Add a new activity
  • Update activity Update specific activity
  • Delete activity Delete specific activity


  • List deals List all deals
  • List activities associated with a deal Lists all activities associated with a specific deal
  • List files attached to a deal Lists all files associated with a specific deal
  • Get deal Get details of a specific deal
  • Create deal Create a new deal
  • Update deal Update specific deal
  • Delete deal Delete specific


  • List files Lists all files
  • Get file Get specific file info
  • Download file Download file’s content
  • Add file Upload a new file
  • Update file Update details of a specific file
  • Delete file Delete specific file


  • List notes Lists all notes
  • Get note Get specific note
  • Add note Create a new note
  • Update note Update specific note
  • Delete note Delete specific note


  • List note comments Lists all note comments
  • Get note comment Get specific note comment
  • Add note comment Create a new note comment
  • Update note comment Update specific note comment
  • Delete note comment Delete specific note comment


  • List organizations Lists all organizations
  • Get organization Get specific organization
  • Add organization Add a new organization
  • Update organization Update specific organization
  • Delete organization Delete specific organization


  • List people Lists all people
  • Get person Get details of a specific person
  • Add person Add a new person
  • Update person Update specific person
  • Delete person Delete specific person


  • List pipelines Lists all pipelines
  • Get pipeline Get specific pipeline
  • Add pipeline Add a new pipeline
  • Update pipeline Update specific pipeline
  • Delete pipeline Delete specific pipeline


  • List products Lists all products
  • Get product Get details of a specific product
  • Add product Add a new product
  • Update product Update specific product
  • Delete product Delete specific product


  • List stages Lists all stages
  • Get stage Get details of a specific stage
  • Add stage Add a new stage
  • Update stage Update specific stage
  • Delete stage Delete specific stage


  • List users Lists all users
  • Get user Get details of a specific user
  • Add user Add a new user
  • Deactivate user Deactivate specific user
  • Activate user Activate specific user


  • On activity type added On new activity type added
  • On activity type deleted On specific activity type deleted
  • On activity type updated On specific activity type updated
  • On activity added On new activity added
  • On activity deleted On specific activity deleted
  • On activity updated On specific activity updated
  • On deal added On new deal added
  • On deal deleted On specific deal deleted
  • On deal merged On specific deal merged
  • On deal updated On specific deal updated
  • On note added On new note added
  • On note deleted On specific note deleted
  • On note updated On specific note updated
  • On organization added On new organization added
  • On organization deleted On specific organization deleted
  • On organization merged On specific organization merged
  • On organization updated On specific organization updated
  • On person added On new person added
  • On person deleted On specific person deleted
  • On person merged On specific person merged
  • On person updated On specific person updated
  • On pipeline added On new pipeline added
  • On pipeline deleted On specific pipeline deleted
  • On pipeline updated On specific pipeline updated
  • On product added On new product added
  • On product deleted On specific product deleted
  • On product updated On specific product updated
  • On stage added On new stage added
  • On stage deleted On specific stage deleted
  • On stage updated On specific stage updated
  • On user added On new user added
  • On user updated On specific user updated


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