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It’s Blackbird’s ambition to become the most innovative company in the translation industry. We want to give you the perfect technology to start orchestrating your content-driven workflows and be the bridge between content, language and AI.

Our key metric is the time it takes you to set up your workflow, and we will implement more and more features to make that process as easy as possible. Furthermore, we know exactly what problems you may face when it comes to language and content. We will make sure we have a solution that always works for you.

Our philosophy is and always will be: make it as easy as possible for you without being opinionated or being a bottleneck.

Q2 2024

Polling events

All birds start with an event: “If this happens then do that”. Blackbird is currently able to respond to webhooks and callbacks from other services. We want to extend this behavior to also easily poll for changes as well. That way we can build very detailed events in cases where webhooks are not available. And of course, you always have full control about polling intervals in the bird editor.

Libraries extended

Our libraries enable you to map values between systems. The most common use case for this are langauge codes, which we already offer. Soon you will also be able to map other values like countries or status codes. On top of that, you will be able to define your own custom libraries. Finally, for the out-of-the-box libraries we want you to not have to worry about conversion anymore, and conversion will be done behind the scenes without the need for an operator.

Error handling

Sometimes actions can fail because of unforeseen reasons and we need to live with that. Besides defining a retry policy, you will also be able to define what you want to happen if an action still fails. Staying true to Blackbird’s philosophy, we won’t notify you about errors our way, but you can define custom flows that execute when a certain action fails.

Drag & drop and other bird editor abilities

Building workflows fast is the core tenet of Blackbird. With new improvements to the bird editor like dragging & dropping, copy & paste, and various hotkeys we want to make building birds faster for power users.

Q3 2024


To better map a human workflow onto an automated workflow, we sometimes have to wait for certain events to happen inside of our workflow. E.g. after sending a document for translation we have to wait for the translation to be done before we can publish it. Blackbird will introduce “Checkpoints” that allow you to wait for certain events to happen inside a bird. Essentially turning complex multi-bird workflows into one comprehensive bird.

Easy bird creation (or blueprints)

The time it takes to build a bird is our most important metric. We know that templates for birds would provide great user experience and inspiration for you to leverage the most out of Blackbird. We are excited to build an interactive blueprint system that gives you this inspiration, sets up birds for you with the apps that you use, and will always generate birds that are up-to-date with the latest powerful features Blackbird has to offer.