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Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a platform developed by Microsoft that serves as a central hub for collaboration, document management, and content sharing within organizations. It allows users to create, store, and access documents, as well as collaborate on projects in a secure and organized online environment.

Before setting up

Before you can connect you need to make sure that:

How to find site name

You can find site name:

  • On SharePoint start page. Start page

  • By clicking on My sites tab. My sites

From there, you can view your sites and choose the one you want to work with.


  1. Navigate to apps and search for Microsoft SharePoint. If you cannot find Microsoft SharePoint then click Add App in the top right corner, select Microsoft SharePoint and add the app to your Blackbird environment.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. Name your connection for future reference e.g. ‘My organization’.
  4. Fill in the display name of your site e.g. ‘My communication site’.
  5. Click Authorize connection.
  6. Follow the instructions that Microsoft gives you, authorizing to act on your behalf.
  7. When you return to Blackbird, confirm that the connection has appeared and the status is Connected.

Note: if you have just created a site, you should wait a couple of minutes before trying to connect.




  • Get file metadata retrieves the metadata for a file from site documents.
  • List changed files returns a list of all files that have been created or modified during past hours. If number of hours is not specified, files changed during past 24 hours are listed.
  • Download file.
  • Upload file to folder.
  • Delete file.
  • Get folder metadata retrieves the metadata for a folder.
  • List files in folder retrieves metadata for files contained in a folder.
  • Create folder in parent folder.
  • Delete folder.


  • On files updated or created is triggered when files are updated or created.
  • On folders updated or created is triggered when folders are updated or created.
  • On pages created or updated this polling event is triggered when pages are updated or created.
  • On pages deleted this polling event is triggered when pages are deleted.


Example 1 Example

Here, whenever PDF files are uploaded to SharePoint Documents, each file is downloaded, translated with Language Weaver and placed in the appropriate directory based on the translation quality assessment.

Example 2 Example In this example, the workflow starts with the On pages created or updated. Then, the workflow uses the Get page as HTML action to get html content of updated/created page. In the next step we translate this content via DeepL and then send the translated page to Slack channel.

Missing features

In the future we can add actions for lists. Let us know if you’re interested!