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Blackbird docs


Slack is a messaging app for businesses that improves communication, teamwork, and decision-making. It allows people to collaborate easily, work on their own time, and share information in dedicated chat spaces.

Before setting up

Before you can connect you need to make sure that you have a Slack account and you are part of a specific workspace.

Enable webhooks

If you want to use Slack webhooks, you’ll need to add Blackbird bot to the channels you’re interested in after you’ve created a connection. There are two ways to do this.

The first way:

  • Select a channel.
  • Send a message with @Blackbird content.
  • Click Add to channel.
  • Do the same for other channels you’re interested in.

Adding Blackbird to channel

The second way:

  • Go to the channel you selected during connection creation.
  • Find added an integration to this channel: Blackbird message.
  • Click on Blackbird -> Add this app to a channel… -> select a channel from dropdown.
  • Do the same for other channels you’re interested in.

Adding Blackbird to channel


  1. Navigate to apps and search for Slack. If you cannot find Slack then click Add App in the top right corner, select Slack and add the app to your Blackbird environment.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. Name your connection for future reference e.g. ‘My organization’.
  4. Click Authorize connection.
  5. Follow the instructions that Slack gives you, allowing Blackbird to access the selected workspace.
  6. When you return to Blackbird, confirm that the connection has appeared and the status is Connected.




  • Send message sends a message to a Slack channel.
  • Send message in thread sends a reply in response to a message from a specific channel.
  • Get message files returns files attached to a message.
  • Delete message.
  • Add reaction adds a reaction to a message.
  • Remove reaction removes a reaction from a message.
  • Get reactions lists all reactions for a single message.
  • Upload file uploads a file to a channel.
  • Get file info.
  • Download file downloads file by url.
  • Delete file.
  • Get all channels.


  • Get all users retrieves a list of users in a Slack team.
  • Get user information.
  • Get user by email.
  • Get user profile.
  • Get team.


  • On channel message and On channel files message are triggered when a new message is sent to a channel and when a new message with attached files is sent to a channel, respectively. This events have a parameter Trigger on message replies which is False by default. If you want your bird to trigger on channel messages and message replies, set this parameter to True. If you use one of the On channel message or On channel files message with Send message in thread in a single flow, you should set Trigger on message replies to False or leave it unspecified to avoid an infinite loop.
  • On app mentioned is triggered when an app is mentioned.
  • On member joined channel.
  • On message reaction.



Here, whenever a new message with attachments is sent, we download the files, upload them to Google Drive and add new rows to Google Sheets table with information about the uploaded files.