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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that enables users to organize, analyze, and visualize data using tabular grids. It offers a range of features, including formulas, charts, and formatting options, making it a versatile tool for various data-related tasks and business applications.

Exporting glossaries

To utilize the Export glossary action, ensure that the Excel worksheet mirrors the structure obtained from the Import glossary action result. Follow these guidelines:

  • Worksheet structure:
    • The first row serves as column names, representing properties of the glossary entity: ID, Definition, Subject field, Notes, Term (language code), Variations (language code), Notes (language code).
    • Include columns for each language present in the glossary. For instance, if the glossary includes English and Spanish, the column names will be: ID, Definition, Subject field, Notes, Term (en), Variations (en), Notes (en), Term (es), Variations (es), Notes (es).
  • Optional fields:
    • Definition, Subject field, Notes, Variations (language code), Notes (language code) are optional and can be left empty.
  • Main term and synonyms:
    • Term (language code) represents the primary term in the specified language for the glossary.
    • Variations (language code) includes synonymous values for the term.
  • Notes handing:
    • Notes in the Notes column should be separated by ’;’ if there are multiple notes for a given entry.
  • Variations handling:
    • Variations in the Variations (language code) column should be separated by ’;’ if there are multiple variations for a given term.
  • Terms notes format:
    • Each note in the Notes (language code) column should follow this structure: Term or variation: note.
    • Notes for terms should be separated by ’;;‘. For example, ‘money: may refer to physical or banked currency;; cash: refers to physical currency.’


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