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Deploying your app

Blackbird apps that you create using the SDK can be deployed to your Blackbird organization as a custom app. This tutorial assumes Visual Studio 2022.


Before deploying an app, make sure that it at least contains a class that implements IApplication, a class that implements IConnectionDefinition and a class that implements IConnectionValidator. If your app has actions, then make sure your classes implementing actions have the [ActionList] attribute. If you have events make sure that your event classes have the [WebhookList] attribute.

  1. Right-click on your project in the solution explorer and click Publish


  1. If you have not created a publish profile yet, create a publish profile that publishes to a local folder.
  2. Click Publish and then Open folder
  3. Create a .zip archive including all files in this folder

Note: If you are working on a Mac, make sure to delete the hidden _MACOSX folder in the zip archive before uploading it to Blackbird.



If you want to create a new app, go to Apps -> Add app -> Create app. Upload the .zip file on the second step.

If you want to update an existing app. On the app you want to update click New version and then Update App. Upload the .zip file to the screen that pops up and click Update.

Note: When updating an app, make sure that the new version of the app (defined in the .csproj file) is higher than the existing version.