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Blackbird docs

Understanding Apps in Blackbird

A Blackbird App connects an application to the vast Blackbird ecosystem using its API. An App consists of events and/or actions that allow the user to orchestrate workflows. You can manage and set up Apps in the Apps screen of

Browsing Apps

Blackbird is rolling out the red carpet with a constant stream of Public Apps. If we don’t have an app pre-built, you can build it yourself - using Blackbird’s SDK.

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Apps.
  2. Click on an App to view or edit its details.
ConnectionsConnections are the wiring of apps. Birds authorize their interactions with other apps or services through connections.
EventsThings can happen inside the app you’re conencted to. We call this an event. Events trigger your Birds when to fly.
ActionsActions are tasks that birds will perform once a trigger activates them.
Version historyThis tab lists the version history of the App.